Supporting Youth Employment in Mombasa County

The three year Kuza Project intends to address selected root causes of youth unemployment in Kenya’s second city, and to encourage productive and sustainable job creation for Mombasa’s young men and women. The project consists of a combination of skills development, market development, and policy support. The project’s intended beneficiaries are un- and underemployed women and men between the ages of 18 and 30, whose incomes are at the lowest end of the scale in the county.

skills-developmentKuza has helped establish a series of labour market information and training centres in partnership with youth serving institutions in Mombasa. These centres provide training in core business and life skills; career guidance and counseling and labor market. To enhance involvement of the private sector in skills development strategy and delivery, Kuza is supporting development of sector education and employment platforms. The project is also providing advice on policy development to the county government.

investment-promotionWhile Kenya has become a hotbed of investor activity, with $1Bn invested by Private Equity investors in 2015, Mombasa has not benefited from these funds. Kuza takes a dual approach to increasing job-creating investment: promoting Mombasa as an investment destination and promoting specific private and public investment opportunities.

At the local government level, the project supports the Department of Trade, Investment, Energy and Industry to establish Mombasa Invest, an investment promotion agency for Mombasa County. Kuza also assists individual businesses to access growth capital from private equity investors, and works with intermediaries (lawyers, accountants, business consultants etc.) to encourage intermediary led – investor and spread awareness on availability of non-bank financing options for businesses.

micro-retailKuza supports players across the micro retail sector to help accelerate growth while unlocking employment opportunities for young women and men. The project currently works with a range of suppliers and distributors implementing an innovative micro distribution model resulting in direct employment, as well as enhanced links between suppliers and micro retail enterprises.

waste-managementProducing around 875 tonnes of solid waste per day, Mombasa, like most cities in Sub-saharan Africa, is struggling to tackle the challenges of managing this ever increasing environmental and social problem. To help address this challenge, Kuza is supporting development of innovative micro waste collection and recycling models in low-income areas, as well as strengthening sector coordination through policy development.

Our key public counterpart is the Mombasa County government. We also have relationships with relevant arms of the national Kenyan government, the private sector, providers of education and training, civil society and, importantly, organisations of the young women and men themselves.

We welcome ideas on how our projects can improve the daily lives of youth in Mombasa.
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Kuza is funded with UKAid from the Department for International Development (DFID) and implemented by Adam Smith International in collaboration with Mombasa County Government.